A boy on his laptop doing schoolwork using Viasat satellite internet


See how Viasat goes beyond the connection to help bridge the digital divide — sustainably and affordably


数字包容 is directly linked to equity and inclusion by providing access to 健康 care, 教育, 经济机会, and improving nearly every aspect of life — but to date, around half the world is either unserved or underserved with access to high-quality, 负担得起的网络. 2.7 billion people remain unconnected because the internet in their area is unreliable, 不充分的, too expensive — or simply not available where they live. 


Viasat believes everyone and everything can be connected. 还有几个重要的合作伙伴, 我们提供高质量的产品, affordable bandwidth to unserved and underserved communities worldwide. 何时、何地、如何最需要它. 这是我们的使命. 这是我们的事. 这是我们的遗产.

a woman using a tablet for a tele健康 appointment, connected by Viasat satellite internet


While digital inclusion is part of nearly every aspect of our business, these are some of our key activities having the most significant impact to help bridge the digital divide:

社会影响. Viasat提供互联网服务, 在某些情况下, 笔记本电脑和太阳能, 给那些没有得到服务的组织和学校.

基于员工技能的志愿服务. Viasat's skills-based volunteering program integrates our 承诺 to community, 技术, and people to bring out the best of Viasat to unlock opportunities for others.

合作伙伴关系. Viasat is the satellite internet provider to many of 19Labs tele健康 clinics., helping provide remote care to schools and communities. Viasat也是合作伙伴 with Microsoft’s 空气band Initiative to help increase internet availability for 5 million people across Africa and an additional 5 million worldwide by 2025.

灾难恢复. Viasat can rapidly deploy satellite connectivity to assist with critical rapid response and ongoing-recovery operations and help restore necessary infrastructure.

Viasat预付费互联网. We provide internet to the home for as little as $5/month for communities with no or limited options.

Viasat家庭互联网. We deliver reliable internet with speeds up to 100Mbps for people living in unserved or underserved communities.

A Viasat volunteer  helping bridge the digital divide by connecting schoolchildren with online 教育al 资源


  • For the Martinez family, internet access has been transformative
  • Making digital inclusion a reality for underserved communities in Brazil
  • Empowering indigenous women through digital literacy 教育
  • Viasat employees teaching digital literacy in rural Mexico
  • Viasat plans to help create digital inclusion in Nigeria
  • Viasat and Microsoft partner to help bridge global digital divide